” One of the hardest things to swallow in this conflict with a mega development with a seemingly endless supply of money, is to read one of their press releases. The company’s objective is to make themselves look bohemian, hipster, and mindful to their perspective buyers and tourists.” – Local Resident Todos Santos

This page is to share a few of their press releases, in order to give you and idea of how it impacts the local community when most people here have witnessed and experienced from this company. They have bought the right from CSU and Bunkhouse Hotels for their branding and imaging in order to make the project more appealing and appear sustainable. For each article there will be a rebuttal that can be verified using the links on the left sidebar. Most of the articles are in Spanish, they can easily be translated using google translate.


This article written on May 17, 2017 was one that stirred up quite a commotion on social media. It was issued by Robb Report and written by; Jennifer Ashton Ryan. This Mexican Resort Town Might Be the Next Cabo, Hotel San Cristóbal is helping to turn Todos Santos into Mexico’s next big thing…

First let’s discuss that headline… “Hotel San Cristobal is HELPING to turn Todos Santos into the next Cabo.” Well the response to that is simple. The charm that IS Todos Santos is that fact that is it the opposite of Cabo. We don’t have big resorts and fancy hotels. We have quaint boutique hotels with a lot of art galleries, arteseans, and mom and pop restaurants. The town is small with 6,000 residents not 79,300 that Cabo San Lucas currently houses. This is not including tourists.

San Cristóbal is the first chapter in a rather ambitious master plan for Tres Santos, a 1,000-acre wellness residential community. The hotel comprises the initial phase of the development’s Beach Village; long-term plans promise a plaza, a beach club, a cafe, and a bike shop. A 3.5-mile biking and hiking trail connects Beach Village to Town Farm Village, where a farm-to-table restaurant, a farmer’s market, and a coffee shop will be surrounded by homes—as many as 4,400—which will be developed over the next several decades.” – Jennifer Ashton Ryan (Robb Report)

This project is far from based on “wellness,” the company Tres Santos which is linked to Bunkhouse Hotels via the San Cristobal Hotel, has yet to deal with the fishermen of the Coopertiva Punta Lobos. There are several lawsuits that are being persued. One of which was already won for the coopertiva since Lic. John Moreno’s incarceration. For more details review the last several paragraphs from:  Timeline: Conflict Mega-Development Tres Santos.

Reply to Cristina Perez´s article: Why Everyone You Know is Suddenly going to Todos Santos, Mexico.

On the 21st of May 2017, an article written by Cristina Perez was published in your magazine, and while it provides a full picture of the tourist attractions and activities, it fails to provide an accurate description of the ongoing controversy regarding the Tres Santos Development.

“The Hotel San Cristóbal is tied to Tres Santos, a large development company that angered residents when it announced ambitious plans to build up to 4,500 residences in a town with a population that currently hovers around just 7,000. Tres Santos was accused of bogarting the small town’s water supply and displacing the local fishermen, who had been using the beach at Punta Lobos for generations. And more generally, many residents see this all as a sign of the impending destruction of their once relatively undiscovered desert utopia. “We don’t want this to be the next Cabo, or even the next Tulum,” is the oft-repeated refrain.”

It seems pretty evident that miss Perez didn’t take the time to ask any of the involved with the downsides of the project. In one sentence, she dismisses the problem of the water supply and the local fisherman, and then the argument goes to stating that the ones that don’t want the development are the ones that want to keep the town “underground” for themselves as an hideout. While the locals that live there all year around want it to happen in order for the tourism to grow.

Héctor García González, Director General del Organismo Operador Municipal del Sistema de Agua Potable
Héctor García González, Director General del Organismo Operador Municipal del Sistema de Agua Potable

The water issue has been a hot topic since 2015 when it was made public the fact that Tres Santos was using water from town without a contract or permit, they stated back that they had paid for 72 water intakes, yet of those they only used one. Yet the director of the draining system and drinking water Hector Garcia Gonzalez stated that the permits where for the domestic use of the houses once they were built, not applying to the construction plans. Here is an article from November 23, 2015 that states “Tres Santos sí toma ilegalmente el agua, insiste OOMSAPAS en La Paz” – BCS Noticias  (“Tres Santos does take water illegally, OOMSAPAS insists in La Paz”).

The development of the ongoing legal fight with the fishermen brings up lot of doubt. Since the lawyer representing the fishermen collective was imprisoned under very questionable circumstances due to an already resolved case being brought back up and a one sided trial with a judge accepting documentation against the defendant that was geographically proven to be fake. There have been ongoing public protests by the collectives claiming a connection to the fishermen´s situation and demanding that the inconsistencies and contradictions of the legal process be clarified. Read Kirk Semple’s article from the New York Times; Is This Giant Baja Resort Sustainable? Depends Who You Ask.

Javier Barrios and Gov. Carlos Mendoza meet at Jazamango
Javier Barrios and Gov. Carlos Mendoza meet at Jazamango

A few other red lights pop up on the May 13th, while having the state Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis and the city mayor Armando Martinez Vega visiting the project, Javier Barrios the director of MIRA companies (Black Creek Group in Mexico) stated that this project is the product of working hand in hand with the three levels of the government and the civilian population…

So…Whoever disagrees is not a part of civil society? We are comparing human lives, historical heritage and freedom to choose a way of life against having a nice place to go on vacations for two weeks a year.

Everything that has been mentioned so far is only regarding the legal and political misbehavior of the authorities and protect managers.

The real problem here is were stepping over the local way of life, ignoring the importance of having access to an autonomous income, and all the culture that surrounds the way of life that’s been so closely related to the ocean… By constructing a WALL to separate them from the tourists and as a consequence leaving them without an access to the beach, is a direct attack to these people’s autonomy and livelihood.
Damaging their boats, their working tools and their belongings.

Destroying an estuary, important for the local biodiversity on the way.

Showing no will for dialogue, instead using the police force to shut down protests.