Kings of Cabo
Kings of Cabo

Cara Singleton makes false accusations against Grupo Amerimex, Lic. John Moreno and Mr. Alex Matijas

June 20, 2016

As the manager and owner of Grupo Amerimex I would like to make the following clarifications.

1. At no time has Cara Singleton or her family been a client of Grupo Amerimex, nor have I ever met her or her husband.

2. Cara Singleton has never had any sort of commercial relationship with Lic. John Moreno or Grupo Amerimex.
Alex Matijas has asked Grupo Amerimex to sell his personal home, which is a completely different property from the property disputed by Ms. Singleton.

3. Cara Singleton had agreed to purchase a house designed and built by Alex Matijas. It is our understanding that a conflict arose for construction modifications that has led to the current controversy between Mr. Matijas and Ms. Singleton.
This entire dispute is solely a matter between Alex Matijas and Cara Singleton and will be settled in the courts. Amerimex has never been involved in any way with the construction and sale/purchase of the disputed house.

4. Alex Matijas did purchase a lot that was the property of John Moreno. Under the terms of the purchase contract, the lot was not to be titled until fully paid for by Alex Matijas. The final payment was made on August 13th, 2015, at which time the title was transferred to Mr. Matijas.

5. A few months prior to the transfer of title to Mr. Matijas, John Moreno received a phone call from the construction supervisor of the house in question. The supervisor expressed concern about an irrational person trying to enter and take possession of the property. As Mr. Matijas was out of town, the supervisor asked John Moreno to please come to the building site to mediate the situation. John Moreno went to the property and encountered the woman self identified as Cara Singleton. She demanded entrance saying the property was hers. Lic. Moreno told her that in fact the property was in his name, and he demonstrated the documents. Because of her irrational and threatening behavior he asked her to leave the property. Ms. Singleton was accompanied by a Notary Public who was present exclusively to give faith to the events as well as the existence of certain items on the property. After being denied access everyone left the premises.

6. At no time has John Moreno, Elena Moreno or Grupo Amerimex ever had a business, or personal relationship with Cara Singleton. None of the above have ever sold her property or received money from her as payment for a property.

7. Cara Singleton and other individuals have been charged with criminal theft and conspiracy are facing criminal charges in Mexico and arrest warrants are pending.

ELENA MORENO – Generated and property of AmeriMex.