It took a few months of waiting on negotiations that never took place or if they did resulted in stale mates. Press and any sort of media campaigns begin to decist during this time. However, the onslaught of bad John Moreno press persisted. For more information on that please visit our section in regard to that timeline and information. 

Screenshot Tres Santos Website Water
Screenshot Tres Santos Website Water

On April 20th, Tres Santos claims (via Facebook) they have all permits for desalt plant: “We have started the first phase of the desalination plant according to the approval and permits from SEMARNAT and CONAGUA. The desalination plant will be the source of water for residential or commercial spaces associated with the operation of Tres Santos”. To read more click here.

May 12, 2016, After 3 months of waiting for resolutions, the Fishermen hold press conference in La Paz once again demanding that the local authorities look into and resolve the conflict between them and the company.

Video Link to Press Conference

Planton Coop Punta Lobos
Fishermen meet with their attorney Lic. John Moreno.

On the evening of May 14, 2016, the Plantón was re-established on the public access road to Punta Lobos. While beach goers could still access the beach workers and the company were not. For the first three to four days, they kept trying to cause a reaction from the Fishermen so they could have the block removed again. However, the Fishermen keep cool heads and worked on talking about the issues and reiterating why they are out there and that Tres Santos must sit down and work on negotiations again. Instead of this the company decided to use the Salas family land to access their construction site with materials. When they were called out by the pubic, the Salas family closed off that access and then Tres Santos used the beach to access their site. They drove up to 10 miles on turtle nesting beaches in order to keep construction moving, instead of working with the Fishermen.

Video of Lic. John Moreno speaking with the company as to why the planton was reinstalled.
Punta Lobos Drilling for Water, at the site of the San Cristobal Hotel

Also on May 15, 2016, local resident Profe. Roberto Romero questions a company subcontracted by Tres Santos about the perforations that they are making on the platform. Ironically the places they are drilling were once wetlands that held the protected mangroves. When he questions the operator about permits and what they are drill for the guy responds “I don’t know”.

Video English Subtitles: Drilling for Water.

Beyond this account of the drilling at Punta Lobos, 5 additional times they were filmed drilling in the areas that were part of the original wetlands they covered with their platform. Anytime employees were questioned they never provided answers or any useful information and would act ignorant in regard to anything they were doing.

May 23, 2016, Tres Santos takes out ads in local print papers slandering the “Todos Santos 6.” Below text is translated from Spanish article, photos provided.

“To the Sudcalifornian Community
To the inhabitants of La Paz
To the Inhabitants of Todos Santos”

“Tres Santos is a sustainable protect that strictly complies the laws and the valid normativity and maintains an open and continuous dialogue with society and authorities searching for the common good.”

“We are a company with developments in various States of the Republic and all of them propose schemes of sustainability socially, ecologically and economically in strict compliance of the law. The capital that we represent is National and Foreign Institutional Capital that brings together the savings of retirees (pensioners) via Ivanhoe Cambridge (Canada).”

“Congruent in compliance of the law and in the search of a better coexistence in the communities we are defending ourselves before the administrative and judicial authorities from diverse illegal actions by a group of local persons and foreigners that has provoked us economic and reputational damages specifically by these activists John Moreno, Lisa F. Jackson, Guillermo Trasviña, Jesus Cota (a) “El Diablo”, Jaimie Ivee Sechrist and Ricardo Madrazo.” 

“These persons have enraged diverse groups of the community lying and misrepresenting the truth, affecting the local groups that commonly are interested in continuing to work honorably and to have more opportunities for them and their families.”

“We maintain close communication with the great majority of the members of the fishermen’s cooperatives, as well as with many other groups from Todos Santos. The afore mentioned persons have only been able to maintain captive a small reduced number of the Punta Lobos Cooperative and have threatened and intimidated others to prevent them from manifesting freely.”

“These activists have conditioned our dialogue with the Punta Lobos Cooperative with our suspension (removal) **** of our legal actions against them. We continue to act with strict compliance of the law in search of a rule of law in the Municipality and we will support the determination of the judicial authorities. We will not desist from our Lawsuits that we have presented against those that result responsible for the damages that we have been the object. It will be a Judge who will determine if our lawsuit will proceed and the payment of the damages claimed.”

“The points manifested in their list of demands in addition that we retire our law suit includes the same concepts that we offer and agreed upon on our arrival to Todos Santos four years ago with both cooperatives, Punta Lobos and Todos Santos. These activists have only accomplished to distract this small group of fishermen of their productive activities and affected This party rights with personal benefit. In Fact, both cooperatives have never stopped enjoying amongst other things:”

“1.- free access to the beach and their work area.”
“2.- Respect of their work areas.”

“Additionally, we started several months ago, a program to better their boats for both cooperatives, of which several fishermen have adhere red to from both cooperatives.
We have built a pedestrian and cyclist pathway open to the public that permits the free transit from the town of Todos Santos to the Beach of Punta Lobos.”

“We have attracted National and foreign institutions to settle in the Municipality, that foment the social good like the university of Colorado. Who in a close relationship with the University of Baja California Sur have implemented innumerable social and educational actions in the plaza for both nationals and foreigners such as free courses for graduates, free English classes for the community of Todos Santos, consultation to the Land Cooperative for optimum water usage, amongst others.”

“Likewise, we are in the process of implementing other actions which have been detained by this dissident group which are:”

“The formalization of their Maritime Land concessions (Federal Zone) *** and the improvements to their work area among others, our relationship with the greater part of the Fishermen not only as a cooperative but as individuals is translated in actions such as rental of their boats for fishing and aquatic tours, we participate in their sports activities etc.”

“We will continue to generate stable and well paid employment directly and indirectly through the hiring of several local and Sudcalifornian (State) **** companies.
We reiterate that this group of persons condition the dialogue with the reduced number of dissident fishermen that we remove (retire) our lawsuits against them for the crimes they have committed, Preventing the Punta Lobos cooperative which they claim to represent, that they benefit in conjunction *** with the economic activity that we have made in the area. ***”

“These local and foreign persons are driving away the investment and the growth of employment and well-being of the municipality of La Paz aggravating the lack of opportunities for young people. ““Tres Santos reiterates its commitment to maintaining a coexistence with permanent and productive dialogue with the community and its diverse sectors to contribute to the sustainable development and prosperity of Todos Santos and its inhabitants of the present and future generations.”

Two weeks after the article was released in regard to SEMARNAT taking new measurements of Punta Lobos on May 31, 2016, they remeasured the concession areas for the development Tres Santos, Federal Zones, and Fishermen’s concessions. The government authority stated that the results of the measurements will take 2 – 3 months to be released. *Resolution to this point on February 2, 2018. 

Video of SEMARNAT taking new measurements. 

Tres Santos vehicle approaching site of San Cristbal via the beach.
Tres Santos vehicle approaching site of San Cristbal via the beach.

June 1, 2016, marks the first day that local residents and the fishermen spot Tres Santos driving the beach, in order to get materials to the San Cristobal Hotel. Rumors are flying that the company is losing investors and that they are desperate to get the Hotel up and operating in order to save funding as well as to ensure they can establish the Hotel before any lawsuits hit them in regard to their irregularities and corruption.

Video Tres Santos drives the beach to avoid Fishermens blockade on public access road, taken by fishermen “Popeye.”

First Citizens Congress with Padre Solalinde
First Citizens Congress with Padre Solalinde

The weekend of June 1st, marked the First Annual Citizen Congress, in regard to Mega-developments and mining was held here in Todos Santos. Among their guests was Padre Solalinde. During his time, here in Todos Santos he went out and spoke with the Fishermen in regard to the conflict with Tres Santos. Encouraging them to stand strong and know that the truth is on their side. They are fighting giants after all and he encouraged them to stand united and strong in the face of adversity.

Video of Blessing by Padre Solalinde.

The morning of June 4, 2016, the town Todos Santos woke up to a small protest at the entrance of town. This protest consisted of the dump truck drivers and construction workers from the Tres Santos site. When they were question on why they were there and that they were not residents of Todos Santos, they were instructed by a supervisor to not speak to the journalist there covering the protest.

Video of that incident here.

Tres Santos hires security
Tres Santos intimidates local community and installs security. But who gives security to the town of Todos Santos?

June 4th and 5th, Tres Santos Hires security and installs them at the Tres Santos Hub, Town Farm, and San Cristobal Hotel. This created more of the element of intimidation by Tres Santos when in fact they have not received threats, only the people that have exposed their ways face the daily threats and violence created by Tres Santos.

On June 6, 2016, the Fishermen recorded a video of Tres Santos using a clandestine well (one of many) that they drilled for. This is the same perforation that was created on May 15, 2016 by the operator that didn’t know if there were valid permits and was clearly drilling for water by the length of the drill bits that were used. As of this date we now know that they did find fresh water and are removing it without contracts, permits, or concessions. As even the company states “they are installing a desalination plant”.

Video of Tres Santos taking Sweet Water

June 8, 2016, marked the end date of the second installation of the Planton. The blockade was removed in “good faith” that would establish a an act on behalf of the Fishermen to show the company they were willing to communicate. However, that never happened an Tres Santos ignored the demands of the fishermen ever since.

Video link of how Tres Santos Ignored the Fishermen’s Demands.

The overall conflict settled down from June 2016 until early 2017. There were still talks between the company and representatives but it always came down to a stalemate. Tres Santos was after what they wanted and did not want to concede to many of the points the fishermen of the Cooperativa Punta Lobos expressed. At this point the conflict left the public arena and entered the judicial arena at State and Federal levels.

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