State Riot Police Dismantle Fishermen’s Camp at Punta Lobos Beach
State Riot Police Tres Santos Employees
Beatriz Ledesma leans down to map out the plan for removing the Fishermen from the public access road to Punta Lobos.

February 2, 2016, state riot police are installed at Punta Lobos to remove the Fishermen from the blockade that was installed for 93 days. This happens three weeks after Tres Santos meets with SEMARNAT and Gov. Mendoza in Loretto the riot police are installed at Punta Lobos to drive out the opposition.

At approximately 5:30 AM the Fishermen had alerted the members of the cooperative along with their lawyer, the journalists, and documentarian to head to Punta Lobos, because the State Riot Police had planned and were going to disassemble the planton.

By 8:00 – 8:30 AM over 200 Riot Police, trucked in on two buses and sixteen trucks were dropped off at the planton. Along with Government Authority Sub. Secretary of the State Esteban Beltran, and Tres Santos representatives Beatriz Ledesma, Ing. Carlos Lozano and Ernie Glesner. During this time Beatriz Ledesma was filmed giving orders to the riot police even bending down to draw the play map in the sand to illustrate. Police then removed the peaceful protesters from their camp and proceeded to dismantle (completely destroyed) the fishermen’s camp with the help of Beatriz Ledesma. Witnesses say she took a bat to the property of the fishermen.

Riot Police Punta Lobos
Riot Police Punta Lobos

By 9:00 AM Police had Blocked all entrances into Punta Lobos:
1. entrance from highway.
2. entrance from town
3. entrance from beach.

No one could get in or out.

Police had separated Peaceful protesters into two groups.
1. where the camp had been established on public road blocking entrance to Tres Santos’ San Cristobal Hotel
2. Half way up the road towards the town entrance.

Riot Police Punta Lobos, Todos Santos, BCS, MXLocal people and families of fishermen kept arriving and walking in but were being prevented by police filters from reaching the small group of fishermen in the camp area. Some local reporters onsite as well as Lisa (documentarian) and Ricardo Madrazo of Baja Sur TV.

Between 9:00 – 10:00 AM Police used violence to push back unarmed peaceful protesters. Several people were hit with Billy clubs and shields. One Fisherman’s arm was broken. No matter how intimidated they felt the Fishermen stood their ground. During the manifestation John Moreno talks with police and tries to mediate. “They are within their rights to protest,” he stresses to the Officer.

Red Cross ambulance arrives to give medical attention to hurt fishermen. Older Fisherman caretaker (lives Onsite) Carlitos had to be treated and reed from site as he was having major distress.

When questioned why police refused to show the Judge’s order of removal of fishermen, at first the Police refused to show it, until finally the officer in charge showed Lic. John Moreno a simple sheet of paper no letter head. This sheet of paper is a letter from Tres Santos, signed by legal representation. After seeing this paper, the Attorney once again began to request to see the Judge’s order for removal, and they did not have an official order to dismantle the peaceful protest..

Lic. John Moreno speaks to Riot Police at Punta Lobos

Lic. John Moreno Riot Police Playa Punta Lobos
Lic. John Moreno speaks to Riot Police

MEANWHILE, in La Paz lawyers apply for Federal Judge Protection from Police actions.
Diputado Alejandro Blanco arrived on-site to help mediate. He and Delegado of Todos Santos brokered meeting with Sec. of Municipality Isidro Ibarra for later that afternoon with fishermen 6-7 pm.

By noon Police had pushed both groups of local supporters and fishermen into one group up the road. Human rights representation arrives on location to assist Lic. John Moreno.

12:30 PM Judge issues order of Protection to Local Fishermen… When police were told they refused. Wanted actual fiscal order.

The actions of this day were not official and there is no record of it with government offices. This could only mean one thing, it was done off the books and fully for Tres Santos and their push to ignore the violations and build anyway.

1:30 – 2:00 PM Police receive Judge’s cease and desist order. Once this order was received the Police left and returned to La Paz.


In fact, it has been stated they did so before a Judge.

Fishermen met with officials 6-7pm and agreed to meet in Governors Palace next day Feb. 3, 2016, the entire Punta Lobos Cooperative went to protest police violence and repression they experienced the day prior.

Article BCS Noticias “State Government Evicts Protesters Against Tres Santos

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