January 11, 2016, – Tres Santos, SEMARNAT, Gov. Mendoza meet in Loretto in private. In which Tres Santos reiterated their commitment to the development of the magical town of Todos Santos. This meeting happened during the change over from Municipal Government reviewing the case to becoming the job of the State Government to oversee.

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Jan 14, 2016, Articles stating: Solution in sight in regard to negotiations with the Punta Lobos Cooperative and Tres Santos. Regretfully this article was successfully scrubbed from the internet. No reference via the Way Back Machine.

On January 21, 2016, the co-op had learned that their representatives were going to sign paperwork in regard to the protest and the negotiations of the 8 points of impact in favor of Tres Santos. Instantly they removed the mesa directiva and installed a temporary one. The next day the men that were removed as representatives signed that document and stated that they were still in command and had the authority to settle negotiations. This sent the co-op into staging a public march in which they publicly denounced the three men of their authority and positions.

January 25, 2016, an illegal document stating that the conflict with Tres Santos is resolved between them and the  Cooperativa Punta Lobos. This document was signed a day after the removed the mesa directiva on January 21st. Photos of document below.


This video from January 29, 2016 is of the Punta Lobos co-op’s legal representation.

March against Tres Santos Jan 26, 2016
March against Tres Santos Jan 26, 2016

January 23, 2016, the fishermen of the Punta Lobos co-op held another march, this time they invited the town to come and join them. Over 300 people from town marched through town chanting “No Tres Santos”, and “Justice for the Fishermen”. In addition to that it was the final night of the annual Todos Santos Music Festival.

During the performance that night, Peter Buck took the mic to raise money for a local charity. While on stage he stated how much he and his wife love the town of Todos Santos and that what has gone on here is a crime. “This town is not owned by crooked politicians, sleazy developers, and Cabo silver merchants. This is your town, every one of you people have a say in this town. So everybody wake up!” That night he expressed what many of us here in town have wanted to say. Because each day the town is witnessing and living the crimes committed by this developer.

Video link of Peter Buck on stage at the Todos Santos Music Festival.

The next day the local media frenzy begins…
The local media was highlighting Article 33 and Fabrico Gonzalez of COPARMEX was stating he wanted to hold us to the highest degree of law in Mexico. The following link is to an article written a year later in national publication Proceso. Cuñado de Salinas, detrás de proyecto depredador en La Paz

January 26, 2016, The start of the now known “Todos Santos 6” being served citations and lawsuits from FRBC Todos Santos Dos.

Who are the “Todos Santos 6?” Lic. John Moreno (Attorney), Lisa F. Jackson (Filmmaker), Ricardo Madrazo (Citizen Journalist), Jesus Cota (Support), Guillermo Trasviña (Support), and Jamie Sechrist (Support).

The “Todos Santos 6,” have been the main focal point and target for Tres Santos and its’ operatives. The main reason why they have been targeted is for simply supplying the fishermen support and helping them to be a powerful voice. Lic. John Moreno, Lisa F. Jackson, Ricardo Madrazo, Jesus Cota, Guillermo Trasviña, and Jamie Sechrist have been their focus. Lic. John Moreno for being the official legal representation of the Cooperative. Lisa F. Jackson for being a powerful and well-known filmmaker. Ricardo Madrazo for his citizen journalism and filming each and every discrepancy the company has made. As for Jesus, Guillermo, and Jamie, they were attacked for their support of the Fishermen and their blockade at Punta Lobos.

To this day the Fishermen were never charged for blocking the public access to the construction to the San Cristobal Hotel, but the Todos Santos 6 have been constantly under threat of prosecution and arrest. This is being used as a tool to silence them and to try to get them to stop supporting the Cooperativa Punta Lobos. They have been intimidated by: police visits, calls threats, being followed, phones tapped, pictures of them in their daily lives, and a dossier passed around with supposed past and present crimes.

January 28, 2016, Peter Buck and one of the “Todos Santos 6”, leave Mexico, neither party knew the other was leaving that day, but found out after the fact. There have been no further statements from Peter Buck on this issue.Peter Buck and one of the “Todos Santos 6”, leave Mexico, neither party knew the other was leaving that day, but found out after the fact. There have been no further statements from Peter Buck on this issue.


Feb 1, 2016 Facebook post from local resident calling out the zoning an PDU that was established in 2012 and violated with the SEMARNAT approval in 2013.

Screen capture of Facebook post

Violations to Todos Santos PDU (established 2012)Violations to Todos Santos PDU (established 2012)

1. Zoning in the Yellow Zone – approx. 10 hectares exclusive for Maritime and fishing activities only. Limits building to Fishing Village no more than 7 Homes Per hectare. No Hotels.
2. All access must be on developers’ property can’t use federal Zone – (Can’t be in arroyos) MAY be moved at their convenience but that area can’t be included in 10% donation of land.
3. Parking areas must be on developers’ property.
4. Building in that area can’t be taller than 2 stories from natural GROUND LEVEL. Remember they built up.
5. Any buildings must be set back. Around 20-30 meters from second dune. NO Permanent structures on dune area.
6. Wetlands must be respected. PDU recognizes and identifies the presence of Wetlands. They mark 3 areas.
7. Arroyos (water run off) causeway must not me moved or blocked.
8. Does not consider a Desalt Plant – Zoning.
9. LAND DONATION: They have to donate 10% of all sellable land in the case the development has Federal Zone Frontage Donation must be in 2 parts 8% in equipment and 2% must be adjacent to the access road on both sides and next to Federal zone for local parking area.10. Access to Federal Zone (ZOFEMAT) has to be available.11. Access may not have an inclination of more than 15%.


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