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After its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, PATRIMONIO will be shown in the town where the controversy it documents began.

February 28th 2018, Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

PATRIMONIO, a documentary film about a small Mexican coastal town’s successful fight against an American mega-development, is screening March 7th in Todos Santos, exactly where the conflict took place. The guests of honor at the film’s Mexican premiere will include dozens of the local fishermen who led the long struggle to defend the town’s heritage, its patrimonio.

The film begins in 2015 as the mega development is poised to engulf Todos Santos with a vast hotel/condo complex called Tres Santos. Marketed to wealthy Americans as “green” and “mindful”, Tres Santos threatens to transform and overwhelm the idiosyncratic desert town, quadrupling its population and causing irreversible damage: not only are the fishermen being forced off the beach they’ve used for generations but the developers would also drain an already diminished aquifer, taking drinking water from a town where many residents have little or no access.

In a world where the President of the United States insults Latin America and its citizens, PATRIMONIO tells a unique and inspiring story of resistance, a real-life tale about courageous fishermen who dared to stare down a multi-national corporate Goliath – confronting their own government, denouncing corruption, demanding respect and refusing to blink first.

PATRIMONIO debuted last week to cheering audiences at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival. The Todos Santos Film Festival is one of many anticipated international festival screenings, including presentations throughout Mexico and Latin America.

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