Mega Development Creating Conflict in BCS, MXTres Santos, a real-estate development in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico, is a project of Denver-based Black Creek Capital, through its Mexican subsidiary, MIRA Black Creek. Their “mindful living” project has already had a negative impact on the local fishermen who depend on Punta Lobos beach for their livelihood.

This is an information release about the environmental and social impacts that Denver-based Black Creek Capital, through its partners and children companies (Black Creek Mira, Tres Santos Hub) is having on the local economy and environment of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, with its construction of a real estate development at the side of the Pacific Ocean.

Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, a small town of 6,000 people an hour north of Cabo that for over two decades has attracted artists, bohemians, surfers and the like from the world over is under threat from a construction development (named “Tres Santos”) that could more than double the town’s population and water consumption. Todos Santos has a limited water supply and sits nestled in the middle of the Baja desert.

In July of 2013 during the MIA required public meeting the company stated that they would not use any of the municipality’s water supply. In which currently they do have municipal water for the CSU site, the town construction site, and the construction site at Punta Lobos. They also no have water concessions for the first 74 homes that are currently in progress of building.

Since this issue was discussed with MIRA/Black Creek and CSU, the company now states that they have had the concessions for the use of municipal water.

Tres Santos, a project of Denver-based Black Creek Capital, bills itself as an environmentally responsible real estate development that will also benefit the local economy and integrate seamlessly with the existing activities and communities of the Todos Santos area (fishing, farming, ecotourism, etc).

This is the company’s vimeo channel which gives an overview of their project and progress coming along, click here to view video.

The hotel is being built by the Bunkhouse Group out of Austin, TX (

The months of August and September have brought a lot of rains to the area and the beach shown in their corporate videos above has in large part disappeared over the past 60 days. HIGH TIDE, HIGH WAVES CAUSE FURTHER MASSIVE EROSION OF SEAWALL at Tres Santos 32-room Boutique “San Cristobal” Hotel now under construction in Punta Lobos Beach. Fishermen scrambled to pull boats up the beach, away from danger, literally pulling their pangas into the weeds to keep them from washing away. Mexican Federal Law requires a freely-passable 20 meter area between the high tide mark and any construction. This has been violated by the developers.

This is a video of conditions at the site on Sunday Oct 11, 2015:

These conditions have worsened even from yesterday, as the area has experienced heavy rainfall and the drainage from the construction site has further eroded what little space the fishermen have left.

Baja Sur TV Interviews Antonio Salvatierra
Baja Sur TV Interviews Antonio Salvatierra

The developers also said they would benefit the fishermen and the reality is quite the contrary, they have made their livelihood practically impossible. They said they wouldn’t touch any municipal water because they are supposed to install a desal plant, but they broke that promise as well and are taking the town’s water supply. They tore down over 4 acres of protected red mangrove, an endemic species to the area, to build the footprint for this development. They often work under cover of night to avoid curious observers.

The project has also brought along a University Center from Colorado State University to bring environmental education workshops and programs to the community, but it has been revealed that the academics from CSU are forbidden from speaking against Tres Santos publicly.

There are several facebook pages and groups talking about the issue, you can find many photographs and videos of this beach both before and after the environmental devastation caused by Black Creek Capital.

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